Work History

.Net MVC Web Developer – Eyefinity

Employer: Randstad
Client: Eyefinity, A Global VSP Company
Location: Rancho Cordova, CA

  • Core front-end developer for Eyconic e-commerce website, eStores by Eyeconic, and eStore Manager admin tool for eStore management
  • .Net 4 & MVC 3, jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile UI, AJAX, Razor, JavaScript, C#, TFS 2010, 2012
  • Implemented pixel perfect e-commerce designs from mockups
  • Developed Mobile UI with Google Maps, Geocoding, Geolocation, custom markers
  • Developed Google Analytics for e-commerce tracking and for displaying eStore owners website metrics
  • Responsible for 508 implementations
  • Designed and developed 13 color themes with custom stylesheets for eStores by Eyeconic
  • Created masterpages, views, partial views and user controls
  • Team member that implemented the ability to use VSP vision benefits to order prescription glasses or contacts from website
  • Refactored website to tableless design with improved efficiency

Lead Web Developer, Systems Analyst – Association of California Water Agencies

Employer: Strategic IT Staffing
Client: Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA)
Location: Sacramento, CA / Remote

  • Responsible for web site update project, systems upgrade analysis and core data validation
  • Worked with stakeholders to create project requirements and wrote requirement documents
  • Analyzed existing Drupal CMS site for issues and wrote issue documentation with suggested fixes
  • Completed systems analysis for major upgrade project and wrote supporting documentation
  • Analyzed and documented data storage hardware, software, configuration and usage
  • Created PDF and HTML linked flowcharts to all web related data, data storage and related processes
  • Created SQL databases to manipulate imported data from multiple sources for reporting and discovery
  • Created 400+ Member customized Word documents for email blast to request updates to member information
  • Created timeline based SQL queries used to define a list of current individual members by completed transactions
  • Created project website for communications and files

Lead .Net Developer, System Analyst – California Urban Water Conservation Council

Employer: California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC)
Location: Sacramento, CA / Remote

  • Analyzed existing Ektron CMS400 .Net site for errors and suggest enhancements
  • Fix JavaScript and C#, VB.Net, MS-SQL code errors
  • Implement advanced features on Ektron CMS400 .Net
  • Work with stakeholders to itemize and prioritize enhancements and fixes
  • Estimate time per feature and or code fix
  • Validate and fix site-wide issues for XHTML, CSS, 508 compliance

.Net Applications Developer III – Credit Union Direct Lending

Employer: Credit Union Direct Lending Corporation (CUDL)
Location: Rancho Cordova, California

  • Designed and built a web-based loan application step wizard using Asp.Net front-end with section 508 accessible elements such as fieldsets, linked labels, help divisions moved offscreen, and resizable text
  • Tableless design incorporating .Net objects and form elements
  • .Net framework 3.5, C# and an existing custom business object, in the middle tier, that connected to a SOAP web service via an AJAX call and return
  • Utilizing Visual Studio 2008 Team System and Team Foundation Server for source control
  • Wrote the JavaScript / CSS interaction
  • Designed and created custom CSS to integrate with existing client stylesheets and JavaScript frameworks, JQuery, Scriptaculous and Prototype
  • Designed and coded inline help system that provides help text from local resource file
  • Used Expression Blend with SketchFlow to create initial mockups
  • Created HTML prototypes
  • Field masks for number and dollar inputs
  • Designed the application to fit into client portal, standalone or as IFrame widget
  • Step Wizard with master page version, Multi-View with master page version, I Frame version without wrapper

Step Wizard As Content In Master Page

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Senior .Net Developer, Analyst – Essential Learning

Employer: Strategic IT Staffing
Client: Essential Learning
Location: Remote

  • 100% remote project to convert and re-factor the highest traffic areas of their online learning software
  • Analyzed existing code to identify unused logic, business rules and functionality
  • Re-factored from datasets to I Enumerable List<T> for performance and scalability
  • Designed and re-coded UI to implement changes
  • Responsible for the conversion of code from VB.Net 1.1 to C# 3.5
  • Re-wrote SQL stored procedures to aggregate and streamline data calls using C# business classes
  • Wrote or modified business classes to handle new data calls through List builders
  • Wrote encryption class for encrypting query string variables

Essential Learning

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Development Manager, UI/UX Designer and Senior .Net Developer – MarketLinx

Employer: MarketLinx – A First American Corporation Company
Location: Roseville, California and Remote

  • One of 3 developers for MarketLinx Transaction Manager, Document Manager and the new Fax Manager
  • Responsible for all UI/UX design and functionality, to include default Transaction Manager, Light User Interface, Document Manager, Public and Preview user interfaces, and the cobranding of all user interfaces.
  • Met with stakeholders to gather requirements and write requirement documents for all products
  • Created the project and pages responsible for the Fax Manager product along with all the SQL 2005 stored procedures
  • Maintained existing front-ends in classic asp with vbscript and javascript interactions, and moved new code to with C# and JavaScript interactions
  • Designed and developed in C# a MD5 encryption handshake auto-login feature that incorporates .net encryption and a SOAP (WSDL) web service to handle authorization handshake
  • Wrote needed SQL stored procs for developed functionality
  • Wrote documentation from requirements to functional specs
  • Designed and developed AJAX enhanced application modules with built-in and extended .net, YUI, ExtJS, ExtJS Extenders, and jQuery based components
  • Designed and developed a document management system with AJAX UI using partial updates, AJAX modal editing, AJAX collapse and expanding nested grids written in C# for .NET 3.5 SP1
  • Created mockups for marketing, maintained demo installation of current functionality, and prototyped all new technology
  • Designed and created custom CSS, and imagery on a per company basis for cobranded clients
  • Designed and created multiple user interfaces across differing levels of user functionality, from basic user to system administration
  • Wrote style guides for MarketLinx similar to corporate guides I wrote for First American – FastRealty in 2001
  • Redesigned the application User Interfaces to refresh the multiple front end views and allow for per client look and feel customizations
  • Designed, developed and implemented a role based administration module for managing branding and advertising images per client office

MarketLinx - Fax Manager for Document and Transaction Managers

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UI/UX Designer, Lead .Net Developer, Analyst – Cal Expo and the California State Fair

Employer: Kelly IT Resources
Client: MTD Solutions
Client: Cal Expo
Location: Sacramento, California and remote

  • Designed and developed a registration web site for Cal Expo and the California State Fair to replace a mostly undocumented grouping of desktop applications
  • Performed the analysis needed to extract new database design information from existing Access databases and retain existing imbedded business rules from desktop applications
  • Wrote a .Net 2005, SQL 2005, membership and roles based, single sign-on application portal and all associated applications as the only developer
  • Using Master and Content pages with CSS, designed a unique colorful UI in the spirit of the California State Fair
  • Designed and developed a suite of management tools containing 13 registration applications, a full local site management module, 13 separate application management modules (one for each site) in C# and a reporting engine
  • Account creation and modification system for handling users and roles
  • Designed and wrote application and page level help systems


Cal Expo and California State Fair Registration Management

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Owner – Finishing First

Employer: Finishing First
Location: Shingle Springs, Ca

  • As co-owner of a small web development company I worked on design and development of software and website projects
  • Designed and developed not for profit websites
  • Designed and developed small business websites
  • Designed and implemented WordPress and Drupal CMS sites
  • Speaker at Technology conferences and instructor at day seminars – topics included Usability, Accessibility and Business Websites with Purpose. Led 3 day workshops, 2-4 hour sessions, and Train the Trainer sessions for employers. Included development for,, and other travel/incentive/meeting planner organizations

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Development Manager, Business Analyst, UI / UX Designer – CA State Compensation Insurance Fund

Employer: ESS Group
Client: State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF)
Location: Sacramento, California  and remote

  • Worked via Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions with SCIF organizational and representative teams in San Francisco to produce requirement documents
  • Designed the User Interface (UI) using published SCIF, accessibility and usability guidelines 
  • Provided SCIF with supporting documentation, mockups and prototypes during development lifecycle
  • Helped to create a web-based content management system for the (California) State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF), department of Safety that met level 1 of section 508 of the mandated accessibility standards using SQL 2000, .Net, and C#
  • Delivered, on time and under budget, a completed package of site installed and integrated web-based software for the creation, editing and digital delivery of workers compensation insurance documents in PDF


State Compensation Insurance Fund - Edit Mode

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Senior Web Developer/Publisher, Team Lead – Intel Corporation

Employer: Yurcor Staffing
Client: Intel Corporation
Location: Folsom, California

  • Intel Corporation Certified Web Author/Publisher
  • Developed a prototype of the new Intel Inside corporate portal
  • I worked on the multi-billion dollar “Intel Inside” program web sites and applications, in constant communication with project managers while working on multiple projects at one time
  • Wrote DHTML / JavaScript application to display all motherboard versions by chipset, id or name
  • Developed JavaScript and ASP/Visual Basic applications for internal clients
  • Designed, developed and deployed thousands of brand related pages
  • Using Intel’s new content management system, I redesigned the front-end for the Intel Inside partners websites
  • Working on and overseeing the Intel Inside corporate site and 15 geography (ethnic sites with direct translation of corporate materials) sites
  • Working as part of an extended self managed team, we provided secure resources and branding via the web to companies such as Dell, HP, and IBM 


Intel Publisher Certificate

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Intel Inside Program - Ad Program

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Team Lead, Senior Web Developer – First American Corporation

Employer: First American Corporation
Client: FastRealty Division
Location: Sacramento, California

  • Responsible for all UI design and functionality
  • Created mockups and prototypes for pre-requirement stakeholder buyoff
  • Worked closely with executive management and corporate clients to create tools for the clients, agents, brokers and industry partners of First American Title
  • Designed corporate portal pages
  • Traveled to Southern California to work with division executives and developers
  • Wrote JavaScript, ASP and ASP .Net application code to fulfill corporate requirements
  • Lead the transition to the First American platform and created the mission centric FastRealty transaction system
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Worked with the Microsoft .Net team to become the first large .Net shop in California
  • Developed division style guidelines as a result of our standard setting designs


FastRealty Corporate Landing Page

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Director of Software Development, Development Manager, Senior Web Designer /Developer, UI/UX Designer – Realty Plus Online

Employer: Realty Plus Online
Location: Rancho Cordova, California                                                                                                             

  • As Software Development Manager I led all development teams for the  development of, a nationally recognized web-based paperless escrow system (promotion from Senior Web Developer)
  • As Senior Web Developer creating a new company web site was my first project
  • Designed and created screens for requirement and functional documentation. Mockups for the senior management and sales department, of proposed software changes and prototypes of advanced functionality for development
  • Worked closely with management teams to develop requirements and functional specifications
  • Developed asp and vbscript application code and wrote extensive JavaScript client interactions
  • Wrote SQL stored procedures
  • Designed and delivered branding and marketing collateral for trade shows and print publications
  • I helped to design, develop and implement all the application code and personally developed the multiple User Interfaces
  • Designed and wrote code to print real estate “books” of listings using Adobe Printmaker
  • Wrote interactions for Rational Robot
  • Helped to establish QA procedures, scripts and testing routines
  • Assisted in the transfer of intellectual property to First American Corporation with the purchase of and Fusion MLS by the First American Corporation


Realty Plus Online Homepage

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Senior Web Developer – CA State Controller’s Office

Employer: GraphXStaff
Client: Deloitte & Touche
Location: Rancho Cordova, California

  • Worked with client company Deloitte & Touche to design a children’s web site for the State of California, State Controller’s Office
  • Developed prototype and associated images from team meetings
  • Met with State representatives over requirements and specifications
  • Helped to design interactive User Interface and content to appeal to children
  • Delivered on time within agressive project  time frame


Childrens Website Design for CA State Controlers Office

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Analyst, Senior E-commerce Web Developer – Mariemont Systems, Inc.

Employer: Mariemont Systems, Inc.
Location: Sacramento, California

  • Developing e-commerce web sites using custom XML-based templates in interaction with a Microsoft SQL 2000 backend
  • Designed the front-end and look and feel for several e-commerce clients
  • Designed branding and marketing collateral
  • Implemented SQL 7 installation for company data
  • Designed and coded the intranet site for the company in asp and HTML 4
  • Met with clients to gather requirements, and develop business rules for their web sites and applications
  • Helped to define internal design guidelines
  • Worked directly with Kurant programmers in San Francisco to develop customized business sites
  • I also completed several CMAS contracts; one was re-designing Caltrans entire website of 80,000 web pages by working closely over many months with representatives of the State of California
  • A completed project of mapping the entire Caltrans internal network allowed Caltrans to have, in database format, a searchable inventory of all servers, web servers, pages, authors and publishers with access to all or part of the Caltrans network


Capitol Cellars E-commerce Site

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  • Resume
  • Shingle Springs, CA
  • Email Mark
  • Skill Sets
  • UI/UX Design
  • Usability
  • Accessiblity
  • 508 Design, Training, Testing and Implementation
  • Prototypes, Mockups & Wireframes
  • Business Anlayst
  • Funtional Anlayst
  • Requirement and Functional Documentation
  • Team Leadership
  • Microsoft MVC 3
  • jQuery, ExtJS and YUI
  • .Net 4.5
  • C#
  • HTML5
  • CSS 3
  • Ajax/JavaScript
  • Asp.Net
  • VB.Net
  • Asp
  • VBScript
  • SQL
  • Adobe 3 - CS6 (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Illustrator)
  • Flash/ Flex/ Expression
  • Vector and Raster Graphics, Digital Photography
  • Look and Feel Design
  • CMS Themes
  • Corporate Branding
  • UI Guidelines
  • Best Practices
  • WordPress
  • Drupal